The goal MUST be to turn data into information and information into insight.

It is critical that organizations have access to precise & in-depth insights about their business before they start a transformation journey to become a digital first organization or otherwise reinvent themselves in the digital era.

Your data can unearth so many insights that you won’t believe!

ML based or Data Driven BI and ETL, we do it all. Our team of Data Scientists and Analysts understand how to employ algorithms to derive valuable Indicators and Metrics that enable decision makers and C-Suite execs to take steps in the right direction to drive growth. Our services range from taking on Greenfield Analytics, Data warehousing and Data Lake projects to working on Lift-n-Shift to Cloud. Reporting goes hand-in-hand as without the Metrics, Measures and KPI Dashboards any reporting is futile.

BI & Data Engineering

Raw Unstructured data to Highly Normalized data and Analytics Cubes and Data Models we deal with all.

Greenfield Data Engineering

Take up and execute net new Data engineering initiatives for a customer

Data vNext Project

Modernize a Data engineering stack to utilize the power of Cloud and latest innovations in data engineering

Lift n Shift

On-premise to Cloud migration of the data stack

Reporting & Visualization

Canned Reports and Self Service reporting and visualizations