Scalability, agility, and business growth can all be facilitated by adopting an intelligent integration strategy.

We deliver an Integration solution that accounts for Increased Productivity for your team. Lowers the operational cost and gets you to market faster than ever using a Platform of your choice.

Enterprises that integrate seamlessly can scale well and grow tremendously

The majority of providers prioritize selling product licenses over the business requirements of their clients. To develop an integration strategy that is ideal for your organization, we work with a number of technology partners, like Mulesoft and BizTalk. Our service offerings include – API Creation and Integration, Legacy and Modern system connectivity & information exchange as well as automation.

BizTalk, Mulesoft

Multiple platforms one integration solution to work with all

API Gateway solutions

Expose Enterprise APIs to the outside world for consumption via REST / GraphQL and manage security and versioning

Electronic Data Exchange (EDX) Services

B2B integrations for data exchange via SFTP, AS2 protocols.

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Gateway Services for Legacy and On-Prem systems

B2B Integrations to deal with Mainframes and Enterprise softwares such as SAP, Oracle etc.


Business Process automation using RPA software or automation for deployment of application software and databases.