• Focus on the customer experience and make it fast and easy for web visitors to find relevant product information.

  • Keep information consistent and current across Dow’s global websites by establishing a central repository for all product information.

  • Take advantage of web marketing opportunities, and reduce time spent on web production and content management for internal teams.

Informa Shopwindow UpgradeCase study

Global publishing company Informa helps customers in professional, commercial, and academic communities connect and learn, and create and provide access to content and intelligence so they can work smarter and make decisions faster.
Founded: 1998, Employees: 10,000, informa.com, Headquarters: London, United Kingdom

Informa's leading brands connect people with knowledge, helping businesses and professionals in dozens of specialists markets to learn more, know more and do more.

Sitecore is a leading digital experience software used by organizations globally to create seamless, personalized digital experiences.

Informa works in two main markets: in Academic Markets, where we serve and support researchers and institutions worldwide, and in Business-to-Business Markets, where we champion businesses and professionals working in several different sectors.

We deliver a broad range of products and services based on knowledge, connections, and market access, including smart events, live and on-demand experiences, specialist content and media, audience development solutions, digital lead and demand generation services, peer-reviewed knowledge, open research and partnering platforms.

Sitecore 10.2 Experience Platform

Sitecore Experience Platform empowers marketers with digital marketing tools that offer a comprehensive view of customer data, machine learning insights, and tools for personalizing customer experiences across multiple channels including AB testing. It puts personalized content at the center of website and portal experiences, enabling you to create a truly personalized online experience.

The benefits of Sitecore are as follows:

Marketing automation and Marketing Campaigns
Informa is using Marketing Automation and has configured automated online campaigns in Sitecore to determine how contacts interact with their sitedepending on their activities.

Path Analyzer and Sitecore Experience Profile
Informa uses Path Analyzer to view the experiences of their contacts on websites and based on that marketing team creates goals and trigger based on activity.

Multilingual, Multinational Websites and Enhanced Web Experiences and Editing
Informa implemented multi language capability in website. Sitecore provides capability to manage website content editing.

Workflow and Security
A workflow is a series of predefined steps that reflect the processes and procedures for creating, editing and publishing content.

Sitecore Forms
Informa creates various forms and uses them to collect Profile information as well as Demographics of their visitors.

Sitecore Analytics
Sitecore analytics provides to marketers on visitor activity and behavior. The data collected during website visit can also be used by Sitecore to drive personalized experiences in website.Informa has configured multiple goals and based on calculated engagement value showing personalized data on the website.

Digital Assets Management
Informa is using Sitecore Media Library to manage Digital Assets.

Automated Publishing
Sitecore automatically publishes content to the website or removes it when the time comes based on configuration in CMS.


Proposed architectural changes to improve overall design and hence increased interaction and positive impact on business. User experience was analyzed and redesigned for optimal experience. Upgraded Sitecore 8.2 to Sitecore 10.2 XP. Migrated and redeveloped application. Used Sitecore built-in capabilities for Content personalization, multi-device and multi-language support. Capitalized on the capabilities of Sitecore Analytics and DMS. Migrated from Mongo DB to Sitecore Analytics (XConnect). Migration WFFM forms to Sitecore Forms (modern applications to manage and created user interaction forms) to create gated content and achieve personalization. SOLR Upgrade to used SOLR Cloud, SOLR cloud provides capabilities to distribute indexing and search. It also provides loadbalancing and fail-over for queries withZookeeper. Integration with Eloqua, TypeForm, Tableau and Google Analytics per platform needs.

  • Proposed the architectural changes to improve the overall design & increase the business.
  • The User experience was completely analyzed and redesigned
  • Upgrade of existing Sitecore CMS-8.2 to Sitecore® Experience Platform™(XP) 10.2
  • Migrated / Redeveloped legacy application to / in Sitecore
  • Used Sitecore inbuilt capabilities for Content personalization, multi device support and multi-language support.
  • Capitalize on Sitecore analytics and DMS capabilities
  • Migration From Mongo DB to Sitecore Analytics
  • Migration WFFM Forms to Sitecore Form
  • SOLR Upgrade


  1. Fasterand reliable CMS as well as Search due to utilization of SOLR Cloud.
  2. Improved Digital engagement as the entire lifecycle of engagement is tracked and measured.
  3. Process efficiencies: CMS Authors have a more streamlined workflow thus a more optimal content creation and editing experience
  4. Marketingbenefits:Tools such as EXM, XConnect and Cortex enable AI driven experiences. Email marketing is out of the box and doesn’t require a tool outside Sitecore.
  5. Seamless and friendly user experience lead to less
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