We value flexibility and iteration because they help us work more effectively. We emphasize a great deal on communication, trust, and collaborative problem-solving. We break down projects into phases based on value addition provided to the business to adapt to changing needs, cutting down on time spent on fixes.

A working piece of software is favored over documentation and teams that work with change instead of resisting it

Our process combines scrum project management procedures with extreme programming engineering practices, as well as best practices defined by the Agile software development methodology. Our team accelerates the delivery of software by using well-known Agile approaches for large-scale projects that ensures cheaper IT expenses, increased productivity, and fewer defects.

Our Methodology

Agile methodology ensures customer and engineering teams are constantly collaborating to ensure an acceptable solution is delivered at the end with least amount of surprises and friction in adoption.

Frequent Delivery (Shift left principle)

Automation to test and deliver better quality by the development team

Working Software (not prototypes)

Minimal however viable functionality that is tangible

Regular reflection, demos and adjustments

Constant feedback loop in all processes of developing software to ensure the best outcome

Functional Teams (all encompassing)

A self-sustained team that comprises of all stakeholders, thus being nimble and swift