Project Success: A Key Step is the Project Management Lifecycle Process

It takes more than just keeping track of tasks, deadlines, and stakeholders' statuses to manage projects effectively. A process, phase, and control framework is known as a project management lifecycle. In essence, this directs the efficient and effective provision of a product or service.

Our experienced Scrum Master / Product Owner has the reins and they drive the project.

In addition to being skilled at managing the projects' life cycles, our product owners are also technical leaders in the technology stack needed for successful project execution. This effectively bridges the gap between stakeholders and technologists. Project managers are in charge of the backlog and assign tasks to the team based on established priorities. The plan also changes if priorities change. Everyone works together to develop and agree upon new milestones.

Project Lifecycle Management

Scrum brings a lot of power and with great power comes greater responsibility

Scrum Ceremonies

All scrum events established as best practices done for good measure

BackLog management

Own the backlog and enable effective prioritization

MVP Guidance and Costing

Work with stakeholders to avoid time and cost overruns

Peer programming and peer reviews

Quality assurance in code to enable bug-free and optimal software delivered in 1st cut