Using latest technologies, we ensure that your workloads are running securely and reliably.

Services must be dependable at varying loads and peak situations as more and more SaaS services are delivered via cloud. YenDigital has transformed Businesses by successfully implementing Site Reliability Engineering (SRE).

Security, Reliability and Automation are the key tenets for any software, we take care of all your concerns seamlessly!

Our teams work with tools such as Docker, Kubernetes, Terraform, Pulumi as well as methodologies such as Static/Dynamic Application Security Testing, (S/D AST), Software Composition Analysis (SCA) and Vulnerability Assessment (VA) to ensure your workloads are Hardened and can withstand the rigors of exposure to Internet. These can be applied to your pre-existing CI/CD pipelines and to top it all, we can build these pipelines just for you using CircleCI, GitHub, GitLab, BitBucket etc.

SRE & DevSecOps

Toughened codebases make long-lasting software!

CI & CD Pipeline Setup and Audit

Create automation pipelines for Building and Deploying your workloads on premise and on cloud

VA Services - Audit

Assess vulnerabilities in any application and provide an audit report

VA Services – Audit & Remediation

Assess and fix vulnerabilities in any application and provide an audit and remediation report

E2E Security and DevOps Guidance and Implementation

Strategize with customers to provide them consulting on Security and DevOps implementation.