• Selection of robust, scalable and easy to implement WebRtc based video conferencing and recording solution

  • Selection of effective cloud No-SQL database which supports full text index search.

  • Easy to implement universal payment method which supports Escrow payments.

  • Modern programming languages to develop the frontend and API application.

Yuinit Case study

Yuinitis a well-acclaimed B2B platform, where technical screening services are offered for diverse field of expertise to the clientele to bring ease to their hiring procedures. Yuinit is an enterprise that has strived to make the process as simple and swift as possible, where quality and efficient recruitment processes are the foremost priority.

Forming the right team in a company has always been the key to its growth and success. Today, this statement is highly justified because of the way most businesses run – through people. For this reason, companies – from the smallest start-up to the largest corporations, seeking hard to hire the most suitable candidates to streamline their efficiency. However, hiring talent for a company has proven to be significantly difficult, especially when the company has to hire the talents for its new verticals where they don’t have anyone specialized in the field to take interviews. Sometime companies have the crunch of resource and time to interviewing the new talent.

Yuinit provides a specialized Video Interview as a service platform. It provides the team of expert interviewers to identify the perfect fit for the company through precision and accurate evaluation. It provides a dedicated platform ofexpert interviewers to scrutinize hiring needs and ensure that the candidate is being evaluated correctly by the best industry experts to meet job pre-requisites.

Platform For Interviewers

We developed the application functionality for hassle-free onboarding process for interviewers. Interviewers can register with the platform providing minimal information with multiple methods such as Google, Linked-In or Email.

Interviewers can select the industry, expertise level and , skills, hourly rate and availability . We managed the wide set of skill data for every Industry, which helps the interviewers to enter their skills swiftly.

Job recommendation is an essential part for interviewer which helps the interviewers to get the interview assignments matched with their profile.

Application’s AI based recommendation service

Application’s AI based recommendation service provides the list of assignments to Interviewers matched with their profile.

Platform For Companies

Assignment posting service allows companies step by step process to post their Interview requirements and publish it. Yuinit’s recommendation service suggest company a set of interviewers’ profiles matched with the companies’ requirements.

Company can also search the interviewers from interviewer search service based on the industry and skill requirements.Application provides the dashboard to manage all events.

Video Conferencing

Video conferencing feature is the core feature of Yuinit. All interviews in application conducted via video conferencing between Interviewer, Interviewee and Organization. We were looking for the WebRTC based video conferencing solution which is scalable, deliver High-quality audio and video and easy to implement and enhance and embed in our application.

We found the Amazon Chime SDK best fit for our Yuinit

AWS Chime

With the Amazon Chime SDK, builders can easily add real-time voice, video, and messaging powered by machine learning into their applications. Some Features of Amazon Chime SDK are Video simulcast, Content sharing, Active speaker, Volume notifications and mute controls, Device controller.

Payment Processing

We used Stripe payment solution for payments and Escrow processing.


Stripe is fully integrated suite of payments products. It brings together everything that’s required to build websites and apps that accept payments and send payouts globally. Stripe’s products power payments for online and in-person retailers, subscriptions businesses, software platforms and marketplaces, and everything in between.

It provides the full set of payment APIs which can be easily implemented with variety of programing languages with fewer coding effort.

“We will help your organization to get the right interviewer to suggest the best suited candidate and reduce your hiring time.”

- Balraj, CEO & Co-Founder, Yuinit

Business Solution

Amazon Chime SDK
MongoDB Atlas
Angular & Node JS


  1. Scalable and easy to customize Video conferencing solution which supports more than 200 concurrent sessions and with the essential functionalities such as content sharing, text chat, audio and video control and many more.
  2. Fast and scalable Cloud based No-SQL database system which supports full text search index capability powered by Apache Lucene.
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